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Pricing Info

Choose the version of Sysbox that best suits your needs.

For individual use, Sysbox is best. For enterprise IT, we recommend Sysbox-EE.

Community edition, based on the open-source Sysbox.

Limited security, functionality, no official support.


Enterprise edition, with
hardened security, more functionality, better performance,
and professional support.


per-month, per-host (*)

Feature Comparison


* Pricing Details:

Licensing is per year. Minimum purchase is 10 licenses.

For pricing purposes, a "host" is a computer (bare-metal or virtual machine) with up to 16 CPU cores (32 hyper-threads).

We also offer per-core pricing, which works better for infra with small machines (< 8 cores). Price is $5 per-core per-month.

Flexible pricing options available for elastic infrastructure (e.g., auto-scaled cloud instances).

Volume discounts available for 50+ per-host licenses or 350+ per-core licenses.

Please contact us (see below) for more info.

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What's New:

Docker advances container isolation and workloads with acquisition of Nestybox

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