Nestybox enhances 

containers to act as super fast & efficient virtual machines.

Containers beyond Microservices

Nestybox enables containers to act like super-fast & efficient VMs. 

You can use these instead of VMs in several scenarios.

Unlike all other solutions, Nestybox enables you to do this using:

Simple Docker commands

Simple Docker images

Strongly  Isolated Containers


A next-generation container runtime.

Enables Docker containers to run not just microservices, but also software such as

Systemd, Docker, and Kubernetes. Seamlessly & securely.


Use Cases


Deploy K8s inside Docker containers, with simple Docker run commands, simple container images, and strong isolation (Linux user namespace). You have full control of the K8s cluster config. This is very useful for development, testing, and CI/CD. 

Lightweight VM

Use containers as lightweight VMs. For example, a container image can include systemd, ssh, a Docker daemon, preloaded inner container images, etc. You have full control of the container image and Sysbox ensures strong 

isolation between the container and the host.


Run Docker-in-Docker seamlessly, with simple container images and strong isolation (no privileged containers). You can easily preload inner Docker images using a Dockerfile or Docker commit. This is useful for Docker sandboxing, testing, and CI/CD. 

Legacy Apps 

Legacy apps built to operate in VMs may be lift-and-shifted into VM-like containers, enabling them to operate within cloud-native frameworks.



Increased Agility

Use fast & efficient containers instead of slower & heavier VMs. Move them across clouds, in seconds.

Reduced Costs

Avoid the need to spawn costly VMs. For example, you can deploy a K8s cluster for testing within a single cloud VM, instead of paying for several VMs.


Avoid the use of very unsecure privileged containers to run Docker-in-Docker or Kubernetes-in-Docker. Sysbox enables these using strong isolation (Linux user namespace).


Avoid the need for complex Docker images, custom entrypoints, host volume mounts, etc., to run Docker or Kubernetes inside containers. Sysbox reduces this to simple Docker run commands with simple images.


Jérôme Petazzoni

Container expert & influencer

Excellent work to run privileged containers in a more secure fashion.

Yoni Rabinovitch



Nestybox Rocks! ... Sysbox provide me with a very simple and easy to use solution to my problem (after all other "solutions" I had found on the web failed).

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